Water is the basic need for all living beings and more importantly for humans to sustain and grow quality lives. However, this water has become a luxury for a large number of people that suffer from acute water scarcity. Apart from the drinking water crisis, there is not a drop to help them maintain a hygienic lifestyle even less to cultivate and grow crops for living and maintaining a decent livelihood.

Millions of people walk for mile barefoot to collect a pitcher of water to drink and then walk back home with it. Statistics reveal that on an average the African and Asian women walk 3 hours to collect drinking water. Clean water is a rare commodity for such people that are mostly subject to sub-human conditions due to the lack of it. Even in an age when science is foraying into space in search of new life, there is the lack of this basic necessity on the different parts of the planet to support life.


You can make this difference by helping Humanity Help to provide clean water to millions by making a donation to our cause. This way you will be helping save thousands of children that die suffering due to diseases from waterborne diseases. Diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and cholera are the biggest killers that claim one child’s life in every 90 seconds.

Humanity Help is actively involved in changing this hopeless situation for many to a pleasant one by providing:

Providing Clean Drinking Water in different parts of the world, arranging for their storage and subsequent supply incurring a project cost of more than $4,000.

We help in Digging Deep Water Wells where there is a lack of water supply facility due to recurring natural disaster that destroy supplies and also in places that have no access to water supplies. Each such well incurs more than $1000 that provides water for life and livelihood to several hundreds of families and their livestock.

Several parts of the world have water resources that are totally contaminated. Humanity Help is actively carrying out projects that Make The Water Fit For Human Consumption And Life. We need your generous contribution for this multi-million dollar project to sustain and grow.

Donate to our cause and save humans from perishing due to fellow human being’s apathy!


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