Helping humans to live a life of dignity is the main mission of Humanity Help. Far too many humans are born into a life of abject poverty without access to basics like food, education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities. We are trying to break this vicious cycle by continually finding newer and better ways of creating sustainable livelihood means in different parts of the globe.

We have a professional team of project developers that carefully assess the possibilities of the place concerning its geographical and climatic conditions. Along with it comes a careful study of the skills of the human resources of the particular areas. Putting all data together we, formulate projects that can create livelihoods capable of taking on growth and sustaining families.

Be a part of any one of our projects by donating freely and help develop new livelihoods or regain those that people have lost over the time. Humanity Help has been supporting some of the poorest communities of the world become empowered and self-sufficient.
Plant a Tree and help farmers regain their worth helping them to sell the products and earn enough to sustain their families, provide proper education to children and apt health care too. Farmers are given tips on proper planting and maintenance for better yields and returns.

Cultivation of Land according to the land fertility type and the climatic conditions in several parts of the globe has helped families in regaining their lost financial strength. Humanity Help provides the seed and also gives lessons on taking care of the produce protecting them from pests and insects.

Honey Bee Farming is among the most lucrative livelihood projects that we have been supporting in areas that have the appropriate climatic and environmental conditions. Contribute to the cause of creating self-sustaining communities by providing them the amenities that they need.

Kitchen Gardening Projects is one of the most popular livelihood projects where we buy the seeds, provide the tools and teach local women to make use of available of the lands in and around their houses. The result is a stunning reformation of the individual household economy that becomes healthy as much as does the individual health of the members.


Our generous contribution can help building a home for several helpless children that are left hungry and uncared for. Whether it is by war and disaster or human apathy, these children are often driven to evil options. Help give them a good life and earn one for yourself in Jannat too.

Let your life be that of a true believer abounding with Sadaqah Jariah.


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