Women's Empowerment

Help educate a woman, and you will educate a generation!

A woman is the nucleus of a family and all growth and formation center around her. A woman is a mother, daughter, sister and at times both the father and mother to a child. Her role is not confined to a single family, but broadens to the society at large. She also plays an active role in the workplace and contributes to the sustenance of the family.

Education is the core strength of any society and women have a prominent role to play in it. She will be in a position to use her mental and intellectual faculties to the fullest. This, in turn, will help in resolving the problems of her family more confidently and stand as an example to her children.

The life and activities of a woman are the best educational tools that her children and neighbors can receive. She will be in a better position to strengthen her core values living a life of dignity and pass it on to those around her.

Humanity Help is fully aware of the responsibilities that a woman carries on her shoulders. We have specific projects to empower women by providing them proper education.

We are already providing quality education to the girls in our Rasti School of Excellence in different parts of Pakistan. There are further comprehensive plans of opening education institutions for adult women. Such projects aim to cover some of the most conservative Muslim states and become the fabric of the society.

Vocational Training Centers provide training to local women to create livelihood helping thousands of families with severe limitations overcome abject poverty and live life with dignity. Once our experts have finalized the project, Humanity Help provides the sewing machines and other necessary material for them to produce and sell the finished goods.

At Humanity Help, we are confidently moving ahead with our project of Women’s Empowerment through education and vocational training.

We look forward to you being a part of our campaign and become a proud contributor to the mission of educating women. Making the gift of knowledge is the best contribution that you can make to the society. You can do it by donating to our cause of building schools and vocational training centers for women in the remotest areas of the most conservative states.

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