Sadaqah Jariah

Though all earthly activities end with death on earth, for a believer in Islam, the rewards of the good deeds done during the lifetime are carried after death to the next world. Sadaqah Jariah or Continuous Charity or Alms are the benefits that you and I will earn in our next lives for doing good works here and now. The Sadaqah is a completely voluntary act that makes the rewards more meaningful.

The tents of Islam clearly indicate that giving a human being the tools and gears to enable her or him to fend for the family and the self is one of the best ways to earn the eternal rewards. This is the main reason that charity holds such a high place in Islam, giving each believer the chance to enjoy the continual rewards in the next life.


At Humanity Help, every cent that you donate is channelized to the host of ongoing projects that we have across the globe. There are millions that will receive the benefits of your donation living a better life with dignity, increasing the count of your Sadaqah Jariah.

Help Rebuild Mosques

Several mosques that bear the legacy of the Companions of the Prophet Mohammad need to be restored before they are lost forever. Extend us your helping hand to rebuild them before we lose our heritage forever.

Feed the Hungry

There are hungry children that are waiting for a morsel to fill their hungry stomachs. Feeding even one such child is sure to earn you the blessings and the rewards that will count even when you are not here physically.

Arrange For Drinking Water

Water gives life and sustains life on earth. Providing clean drinking water to people in parched and arid places is next to godliness. Make a difference to the lives of several while counting their blessings too.

Sponsor An Orphan

We have several projects for those that are without anyone on earth to give them food, education or a decent life on earth. You can be the guardian angel of one such orphan giving her or him food, clothing and educating her/him to become self-sufficient.

Donate for Building An Orphanage

Your generous contribution can help building a home for several helpless children that are left hungry and uncared for. Whether it is by war and disaster or human apathy, these children are often driven to evil options. Help give them a good life and earn one for yourself in Jannat too.

Help To Provide Medical Care

Proper medical aid is not accessible to many whether young or old leading to weaker societies and impoverished communities. Help giving these the healthcare facilities by donating to our cause.

Help To Provide Education

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, give him a boat, and he will feed his family and himself for life. This is the tenet behind us providing education to many and let it be your Sadaqah too.

Let your life be that of a true believer abounding with Sadaqah Jariah.

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