Humanity Help is both a movement and an organization that is centered around community services. We are a global non-profit organization committed to making the world a better place. Too many people are living in abject poverty and miserable conditions. At Humanity Help, we share the burden of the underprivileged and feel their agonizing pain.


While most of them are man-made, some are due to the ravages of nature. Whenever there is a need, we are there with our helping hand reaching out to the hungry, orphans and impoverished. We follow the simple motto of empowering humans and guide them towards a better future.


Our mission statement “Serving Humanity to Eradicate Poverty, Hunger and Social Injustice” tells the story of our services.

We are driven by the urgency to serve people across all territorial and religious borders. We rise to the needs of a suffering humanity to end their hunger and poverty. Where there is a vulnerable community suffering from impoverished conditions, we are there with our help. Humanity Help commits itself to mobilize global resources to help secure sustainable futures rather than provide onetime help. All this, while upholding the brightness and values of the Islamic culture.

The prominent areas covering our mission statement today:

Feeding the Hungry
Sponsoring Orphans
Emergency Relief Services
Reduction of Illiteracy
Providing Quality Education
Providing Clean Water
Providing Health Facilities
Empowering Women
Empowering Communities for Sustained Livelihood
Peace Building


We envision a world free of all miseries and inequalities. We dream of a world with no more tears, no more pain, no more suffering of any kind. Our endeavor is to build a world, where no child cries out of hunger, physical pain due to lack of medical attention or otherwise. Each one having a shelter, good food, quality education and a decent livelihood is what we aim at. We envisage an educated young generation that is capable of forming an empowered and self-sustaining community.

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